About Us

How We Got Started 

In the year 2000 People Creating Success, Inc. began consulting not-for-profit and privately held companies that provided services to people with developmental disabilities. Discouraged by the lack of services for people with disabilities, in 2002 PCS incorporated began providing Supported Living Services in Ventura County. The original focus of PCS was to assist people living in restrictive environments such as developmental Centers in moving into more inclusive living arrangements.

Where We Are Now

PCS began with Supported Living Services, guided by the mission to help individuals with disabilities move from restrictive living environments into more inclusive living arrangements. Led by the principles of “The PCS Way” for the development of ethics, leadership, and personal growth, PCS grew quickly, broadening both its geographic area and its scope of services.  Today, PCS operates in six California regions where it helps to promote independence, support personal growth, and improve quality of life for over 200 individuals.