About Us


PCS Program Managers directly oversee the individuals served and their support staff.  They oversee daily routines, medical appointments and facilitate quality of life improvements.  Most Program Managers have been with the company for years and, therefore, bring stability and greater understanding of the needs of the individuals on their caseload.

In the year 2000 Mr. Romero began consulting not-for-profit and privately held companies that provided services to people with developmental disabilities. Discouraged by the lack of services for people with disabilities, in 2002 PCS incorporated began providing Supported Living Services in Ventura County. The original focus of PCS was to assist people living in restrictive environments such as developmental Centers in moving into more inclusive living arrangements. In 2003 we opened our first specialized Adult Residential Facility in Ventura. In 2004 PCS expanded our Supported Living Program to Santa Barbara California. In 2006 we expanded SLS to Los Angeles County and the Antelope Valley. In Late 2006 we began Independent Living Services.  In 2007 we opened our FADE program. In 2008 we opened two more Adult Residential Facilities in Los Angeles and Ventura. In 2009 PCS proudly opened our Behavior Modification Program in Camarillo, California.In 2010 PCS expanded SLS to san Gabriel, Pamona area as well.In 2013 PCS opened a behavior modification program in Santa Barbara, California.  In 2015 PCS is proud to be relocating our behavior modification program to Newbury Park, California. This is a brand new building with a state of the art approach to behavior management, focusing on health and wellness.