FADE- Facilitating Alternative to Day Environments

The mission of the FADE program is to give individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to participate in the typical career, education and life goals that most adults pursue.  Our goal is to give individuals the skill set necessary to have a meaningful life of their choosing – whether that be a career or a life of service.  Once that individual has the skills and confidence necessary to pursue their own career/life path, paid supports will fade out.
FADE offers two distinct tracks: the Development Track (to assist the individual to find their purpose and career goals) and the Achievement Track (to assist the individual in creating natural supports once the individual has defined their personal life goals).
An individual may not know “what they want to do with their life.”  They may not have had the opportunity to think about a career and what their lives could look like in the next five years.  This individual would be on the Development Track.  This track focuses on career goal development and future planning.  This track will teach self awareness, choice, social skills, volunteer opportunities, education, pre-employment skills, and independence training

If the individual clearly has a career/life path in mind then FADE focuses on how to best assist the individual to achieve that goal and how to best wean-off paid supports.  This individual will be on the Achievement Track.  This track focuses on the implementation of goals specific to the individual’s career and finding natural supports to replace paid supports.  This track will emphasize education, PASS plans, business plans, marketing, professional skills, self esteem/confidence, and independence training.